BuddiesBill App - help


Event list

Here you can see an event list. You can see some data of the events.

Create new event

To create a new event, tap on the + button on the top right side of the screen. Here you have 2 options:

  • Create new event
  • Download an existing event from the server

New event

You have to write some basic data:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Currency
Optionally, you can select if the event is a pot event, registering payments with a shared budget.

If we want the event to sync over the cloud and be available with friends, family, and so on, we can select the cloudId option. The event will now sync and other people could manage all the data in the iPhones or iPads.

Once the event has been activated to sync, the server would generate an unique id, called cloudId. We must give the people that id, in order by be avaible to download and manage the event.

Download from server

We can download an event that previously exists on the server. To make that, we must write the cloudId that previously someone gave us.

Add people

In order to add people, we must tap the + button in the payments window. You have two options:

  • Add people from the address book
  • Write them manually

Add from the address book

Select from the list the people you want to add. You can select more than one, and also search them with the filter on the top of the screen.

Once you have selected all, tap on save to add them to the event.

Add them manually

You can write down the names of the people instead of selecting them from the address book. Go writing the names, and when you finish, tap on Save to add them to the event.

Create new payment

To create a new payment, tap on the + button on the bottom of the screen. You must indicate these fields:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Amount
  • People that has paid

Optionally, you can select the category of the payment and a photo of the ticket.

It is possible fragmenting payments, both on who has paid as well as between those who divide the payment. For that, we have to select the option "selection" in the group "who paid". This way, we can select one or more people that have paid and modify the amount.

Similary, we can make the same when selecting who must be included in this payment. This way, we can indicate that one or more people, diferent amount and assign a percentage if we want one to pay more than others.


Suggested transfers

We can write transfers made by different people. This way, we must go to the transfers screen, and we can see 2 options:

  • Transfers made
  • Suggested transfers

If we have not made any transfer, we will see the suggested transfers.

To register a new transfer, we must tap on the + button. We can algo register a transfer from the suggested transfers. For that, we select the suggested transfer and we will see the new transfer screen with that data.

New transfer

To register a new transfer, the data we must write is:

  • Who pays
  • Who receives
  • Amount
  • Date
Once all the data, we tap on save and it will be added to the event.

Transfers made

Once we have registered transfers, we can see them from the transfers screen when selecting the "made" option. We can view, modify or delete them.

Pot/shared budget

New pot event

When creating a new event, we can also create a pot event, in which we register payments with a shared budget. We register the movements made with that event, adding payments with the shared budget.

In order to create a pot event, when creating a new event, we must select the bag icon.

Pot event

This works exactly the same way, but the transfers are not available and when registering pot movements the "who paid" is not available, because the pot pay. In the event screen, now we have 2 buttons: one to add money to the pot (the left one) and another one to register payments (the right one).

When selecting one option or another, the movement screen will appear.

Add money to the pot

In order to add money to the pot, we must introduce the same data as when making one payment, but we must select who is adding that money.

Paying with pot

When registering payments with the pot, we must introduce the basic data of a payment (title, data, amount). Optionally we can select the category.

We can also select who is that payment been applied to. This way, we can manage individual balance and see it in the people screen.

Cloud sync

Syncing the event

Optionally, we can sync events in the cloud in order to be avaible to one or more people and manage the event on their own devices.

To activate this, when creating a new event, we must activate the cloudId option. This will upload the event to the server and return us a cloudId. This cloudId must be shared with the people we want the event to be available to download and manage it.

Once created, all the changes we made, will sync and all the devices that have downloaded that event will have the data updated.

This way, if we have an event previously created, we can upload it too. If edit the event info, we can also select the cloudId option, and will return the cloudId too.

To upload the data from server and download all the changes made, in the event screen, we must slide down in the movements table.

Share an event

We can share the cloudId code in an easy way. If we go to the event screen, and tap the options manu on the right top side of the screen, we can select the option "share event". This way, we can share that code by email, message, whatsapp, and so on.


Email summary

Once the event has finished, we can share the event by email. To generate the email, we must tap on the option "Send summary" from the event screen. This will generate the email that can be sent to people we select.

If we have added people from the address, their email will appear automatically when sending it.


From the event screen, it is possible to see a graph with payments stats by categories.