BuddiesBill App - settle up shared expenses & shared payments in group or travel easy! - shared budget!

BuddiesBill, the app you where looking for to manage shared payments in group or any travel!

Calculate how much have paid all your friends when you are on a journey, travel or in any other event and settle up. The most intuitive and easiest to use app, with a simple and clean interface. Calculating payments in group has never been so easy!

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Manage shared payments so easy

BuddiesBill helps you manage quickly and easily the payments made by different people. Use it either for social events, to go out for dinner with friends, on a journey and in every situation when accounts need to be clear.

BuddiesBill App - settle up shared expenses & shared payments in group or travel easy

Main features of shared payments app buddiesbill

  • Cloud sync: sync between different devices in real time
  • Shared budget management: register the money paid by anyone. Then, as you pay different common expences register them and finally keep track of how much has to be returned to anyone. Moreover, if a person pays an individual expence from the pot, you can also register it.
  • Keep track of the amounts paid by everyone and the pending amounts.
  • Calculate immediately the minimum transactions to settle up.
  • Track the transactions between people to control them and to re-calculate the debt.
  • Send an email report with all the payments made, how much has anyone paid, and who owes money to who.
  • Add people from the address book or manually.
  • Adding people from the address book makes a better user experience.
  • Select people when registering a payment. Assign everyone an amount manually or with a percentage.
  • Enter tickets or bills.
  • Calculate transactions suggestions, to settle up them immediately.
  • Transactions history made between people.
  • No registration needed.
  • Works completely offline.
  • Application fully translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
  • New: sync in the cloud between different devices!.
  • "Easy to use and very helpful when you want to share expenses with friends. Must have app!"

  • "And it is also cool to track people who owe you money; and count where you can cut down on"

  • “Esta semana santa nos ha sido muy útil, por poco que vale el paquete premium tienes todas las funcionalidades que vienen muy bien. De todas la mas sencilla y manejable.”