TicktsUp - Photo of your guarantee tickets on your iphone

Save and organize your tickets

Assign categories of tickets: purchases, gas, clothes, etc.

Automatic ticket recognition

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Map search and location of purchase (optional)

Ticket information download

ticktsUp save your purchase tickets on your iphone

The best way to save your purchase tickets

Did you throw away your purchase ticket and was it necessary for the guarantee? Do you want to get rid of the paper ticket and save the proof of purchase on the mobile?

With TicktsUp, you can now save all those papers that you accumulate in your wallet and that, when you need them, you no longer have them because you have thrown them or lost them.

A very simple app with very clear functionality, save your purchase tickets and / or warranty on the mobile. You will be able to consult them and look for them at any time.

It is very simple. You simply have to select the new ticket option, indicate a small description of what the ticket contains, choose the category of the ticket, and make the photo of it. The app will automatically recognize the edges of the ticket and you will have your ticket saved and accessible.